Varieties for sustainable cut flower cultivation

Bright, colourful bouquets for the weekly market, diverse flower fields for self-harvesting that have more to offer than just gladioli and sunflowers or durable ornaments for the farm shop – in the cut flower marketing sector, there is increasing interest in sustainably and fairly produced flowers from organic cultivation. Below you will find a diverse assortment of selected varieties that meet criteria such as optimum growth height, easy-to-harvest firm or long stems, long vase life or suitability for drying.
We are constantly expanding our assortment and are placing a stronger focus on flower species that can withstand climate change and are suitable for cultivation in Central Europe due to changing climatic conditions. Please contact us if you are thinking about integrating cut flower cultivation on your farm or in your csa. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our product range.

Properties and variety descriptions can be found by clicking on the variety.